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Dipl.-Ing. Dieter Breinbauer
      – International Consulting – Teachware – Training – vocational Education –

My Subject is professional and vocational Education!

According to many experts in the domain of development aid, professional training is a significant factor in order to develop and stabilise national economies.

North European countries (like Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands etc.) still have a great business location advantage due to their so called “dual system”. They have many highly skilled specialists on different levels – mechanicals and masters – with a generally recognised and certified qualification.

In many other countries professional training and skill enhancement are poorly developed. However, with a more profound basic training, people could create a basis for their incomes, which would not only help their families but also establish a more hopeful perspective for their personal progress.
Some countries make an attempt of solving these problems by adopting the so called “competency-based training” (CBT), a system whose contents try to meet the market’s need. The achieved competences are certified separately.

Those are the areas my expertise.

After having worked in Peru, Costa Rica and Colombia; I was in charge of initiating the introduction of a nationwide industrial master training. That educational action had an impact on the lives of many factories and families. An evaluation made one year after finishing the program showed the mentioned positive results.

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