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The Health Ministry of Senegal
Consultancy in professional/training health technicians
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In the 60s the town of Diourbel built an hospital with the help of German development aid. The hospital which is called “Heinrich Lübke” became a model for the whole West African region.

When the hospital was handed over to the Ministry of health, a slowly but surely process of dereliction began. In order to avoid a complete break-up, the German embassy in Dakar initiated a project to sustain the hospital’s infrastructure – training technicians.

That’s how in 1986 the first national school for hospital technicians came into existence in Senegal – Ecole Nationale de Formation des Technicians Hospitaliers (ENFTH).

GTZ asked me to work out the structure and content for the final exams, I was also responsible for the coordination of the different Departments.

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