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LINCHAN – Santiago/Chile
Seminars for teachers- continuing education in microelectronics/
consultancy in organising schools/ Setting up of a school partnership with the
Gottlieb-Daimler-School 2 in Sindelfingen
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ASIMET subsists a professional secondary school in Santiago, the LINCHAN (Liceo Chileno-Aleman Nunoa). Right from the beginning LINCHAN was supported by the State of Bden-Württemberg in building technical schools.

Within this cooperation I was asked to hold an up-dating seminar for teachers about electronics performance and engine controlling.

When I joined the project was already about being accomplished. In order to continue the productive cooperation, the idea of setting up a school partnership was born. In 2003 a seal was set on the partnership between Gottlieb-Daimler Schule 2 Sindelfingen and LINCHAN under the patronage of the Ministry of economy of Baden-Württemberg.

Since then, reciprocal visiting have been taking place and GDS2 specialists have been organising seminars for their LINCHAN-colleges.

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